Future plans for Ironlights

The current version of Ironlights is 0.58. See latest update notes here.


  • New cosmetic options (armors, materials, etc.)

  • Gameplay tweaks and balance adjustments

  • Multiplayer skill tracking and handicapping system

  • New single-player opponents and levels

  • Cosmetic unlock system (spend coins to unlock new cosmetic options)

  • Public spectator client (a 2D app for spectating multiplayer games)

  • Tips page (a section in the menu for explaining advanced mechanics)


  • New classes and weapons

  • Improved hit reactions and damage VFX 

  • Revamped sound effects

  • Shield shattering (instead of shields shrinking from damage)

  • Revamped Campaign mode, including more difficulty options

  • Training mode

A game by E McNeill.