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Preview Test Build v86-90

UPDATE 7/17/2020: Thanks so much to all the testers who helped us work out the PTB for the Scythe Update!

The Scythe Update is now live! Read the final patch notes here. -----------------------------------------------

UPDATE 7/16/2020: One more PTB update! Say hello to v90. Here's what's different from v88:

- Added 6 new Reaper opponents to the campaigns - Enabled Reaper opponents in Training mode - Enabled Reaper Tutorial - Adjusted shape of the Scythe hitboxes (shortening the small blades on the shaft) - Slightly reduced Scythe melee damage - Adjusted Scythe ranged attack to make it easier to fire quick attacks from near the position of the blade - Re-enabled ranked modes (Standard and Best of 3 matches will now count toward your rank again) - Changed display of Replays to better show the timing of melee attacks - Fixed bug causing Training opponents to eventually refuse to defend against ranged attacks - Fixed Scythe positioning in left-handed mode - Fixed bug causing the hitbox of the Crusader’s shield to be invisibly offset slightly towards or away from the hand holding it. - Fixed bug that prevented one of the shoulders of the Avian armor to shatter properly on death - Attempted another fix for the bug causing some weapons to briefly freeze during combat


UPDATE 7/15/2020: We've just released v88, the first update to the PTB. Be sure to download the update before you get back into it!

Here's what's changed since v86:

- Made Scythe projectiles smaller and faster - Increased Scythe melee damage - Increased Scythe rotation speed - Adjusted Scythe input rotation to allow for more intuitive control (hopefully) - Adjusted Scythe melee “reload” settings to be more sensitive to the direction of the blade. - Decreased maximum health of the Scythe’s “shield” bars. - Slightly decreased size of self-hit collision volume for Reaper class - Moved upper movement boundary 0.15m higher. - Updated voice chat mute/unmute sound effects - Improved Replay first-person camera movements during melee attacks - Adjusted music volume to decrease by 25% when voice chat is active - Added Recenter button to Campaign class select menu for PC versions - Fixed bug causing scythe to occasionally follow the path of the player’s hands long after they stopped moving - Fixed issue causing the helm to sometimes cover the camera in first-person replays - Adjusted damage numbers to be slightly smaller and quicker - Adjusted damage numbers to display further away from the camera during first-person replays - Attempted fix for bug causing some weapons to briefly freeze during combat


Here's the complete notes for PTB v86 (the first preview of the upcoming Scythe Update)! There's a few bug fixes and balance changes in addition to the new features. We'll keep updating this post as new updates to the PTB come out!


  • New class: the scythe-wielding Reaper

  • Added voice chat for multiplayer games (Quest/Rift only)

  • 2 new helms added to the Armory

  • Added first-person camera mode for GIFs

  • Increased maximum damage bonuses in Balanced multiplayer matches


  • Knight

  • Adjusted melee “reload” settings to be slightly less dependent on rotational changes (partially reverting previous changes)

  • Duelist

  • No change

  • Monk

  • Very slightly reduced Staff melee damage

  • Ninja

  • Slightly reduced ranged attack energy cost (and ongoing charge-up cost)

  • Slightly increased Katar melee damage

  • Crusader

  • Very slightly reduced Shield health and regeneration

  • Slightly reduced ranged attack damage

  • Reduced amount of shield health regained from blocking with flail

  • Reaper

  • First appearance


  • Added safeguards to prevent issue in which players ended up with negative coins

  • Fixed issue preventing first-time players from reaching the main menu

  • Fixed bug causing players to get stuck in a Network Error loop when retrieving match info

  • Fixed private match settings menu sometimes staying up after quitting to main menu

  • Fixed bug causing Monk opponents in Training mode to defend with the wrong hand

  • Fixed rare issue causing tutorial slow-mo to be maintained in menus

  • Polished death slowdowns in Replays

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